Little Lions Of True Nature



Last update 09.02.2018


The year has ended, very nicely, but I have not done an update here for a while.


Here are some of the highlights from November and December:


First of all both Julie and Victor gained the title:

German Junior Winner 2017


Julie managed to gain Vice Junior World Winner 2017! So proud of this little one!


Furthermore went to the Clubshow in NL, where Victor got a nice BIS6, we are SO proud of this placement!

The weekend after we went to the Clubshow in Belgium, which was such a great show, and we ended up with such a big surprise:

Julie won BIS JUNIOR, and we won BIS Brace!


Julie really did a great end of the year, and also gained the titles:

Belgian Junior Winner 2017 and Benelux Junior Winner BE17



Last update: 02.11.17


We have not updated our website enough lately! Our biggest apologise for this!


We have been very busy, and among others we can mention:

Julie, Kidero's Call my name is now Dutch Junior champion, and won her first BOB at only 10 months of age!


Furthermore we have two placements with our Julie and Victor brace;

BIS2 in Namur, and BIS4 in Zwolle!


We are so very proud of these results. Now we look forward to our first World Dog Show plus German Winnershow, which will be in Leipzig. We do not have any expectations, as we have never expirienced such big shows, 31.000 dogs are entered!





This weekend we were in Mechelen in Belgium, where we had some great results. Victor won BOB, and Julie became Belgian Junior champion, we are very proud!




















We have had a lovely weekend, saturday we went to Apeldoorn, NL, where we joined the young dogs day, which is arranged by the EGCN, a club we are members of. The day is about learning and getting to know what a judge honestly think of your breeding, your handling or whatever you like to know. Normally at a show, we dont go into discussion with the judge, we listen and accept, and move on. But this day is all about asking questions and learning; Both us and the judge!

I can only recomment every new breeder or owner of any breeds in the club of EGCN, to participate in this day! The day will be there again next year, and we already know we will participate again!

On sunday we drove to Aalst, BE where we had another speciality show we participated in; The young and veteran show! It is only for dogs under age 18 months, and over the age 8 years! It is very nice, and we had a lot of fun.

Victor and Julie both got excellent, and Victor won BOB junior, giving him the last point and he is now; BELGIN JUNIOR CHAMPION!





I have updated the show results on Victor and Julies pages.

Julie have started her junior carreer, and it has gone very well. We have shown both in Liege, Rotterdam, and Bremen since the last update.


Especially the show in Rotterdam was very nice, and with a lot of hard competition Victor managed to win Best of Breed, under judge Ineke Zwaartman-Pinster, we are very happy and proud of this result.




Victor, Gentle Jewel You're The One I Want, have now had his patella test done, with great results; 0 on both knees. We are very happy with this result. Furthermore we got the document that confirms his full set of teeth, including all the premolars and molars.





We have updated Victors page to reflect that he has had his ECVO done, which cleared him of everything! We are so happy with this result!




We have gone for a holiday in Denmark, which also led us to a Danish show i Vejen. Not only was it a double show, the Danish Lowchen breeders, had arranged a speciality show, which we also joined.

It was a wonderful weekend, and we ended up with so many new friendships, and a whole bunch of prizes! I have updated Victor and Julie's pages, to reflect these, the price we were the most happy with was although Victor winning Prettiest face at the speciality under judge Jesper Ravn.