Kidéro's Call My Name

Julie's first show, 4 months old.



Belgian Junior Champion

Dutch Junior Champion

German Junior Champion

German Junior Winner 2017

Vice Junior World Winner 2017


02 Nov. 2016

Black & tan

Height: N/A

Weight: N/A




Julie is our newest family member. She is a stubborn, funny and goofy little lion, with a very strong character! She is always up to no good, and if you are missing a shoe, it is because she stole it; Not to chew on, but to use as a pillow!

Julie has a very strong character, she is not affraid of anything, and is one of the smartest dogs you can imagine!


Show results:



Hazerwoude dorp - 19.03.17 - Judge: H. Boelaars

1/Very promising, BOB Minor puppy


Luxembourg - 09.04.17 - Judge D. Degryze



Goes - 15.04.17 - Judge: K. Voye

1/Very Promising, BOB Minor Puppy


Goes - 16.04.17 - Judge: B. Beare

1/Very Promising, BOB Minor Puppy


Antwerpen - 30.04.17 - Judge: Rita Reyniers



Dortmund - 19.05.17 - Judge: Maria Walter

1/Very Promising, BOB Puppy


Unna - 20.05.17 - Judge: Berthold Petersburs



Dortmund - 21.05.17 - Judge: Manja Bruse

1/Very Promising, BOB Puppy


Oss - 26.05.17 - Judge: Andrew Brace

1/Very Promising, BOB Puppy

Brace: BIS4


Venray - 04.06.17 - Judge: S. Walsh

1/Very Promising, BOB Puppy


Vejen - 10.06.17 - Judge: Birgit Seloy

1/Very Promising, BOB Puppy


Vejen Lowchen Special - 10.06.17 - Jesper Ravn

2/Very Promising


Vejen - 11.06.17 - Judge: Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari

1/Very Promising, BOB Puppy


Genk - 25.06.17 - Judge: Jos De Cuyper

1/Very Promising, BOB Puppy


Liege - 22.07.17 - Judge: Andreou Constantinos

1/Very Promising, BOB Puppy


Liege - 23.07.17 - Judge: Ivan Vasiljevic

1/Very Promising, BOB Puppy


Bremen - 05.08.17 - Judge Rainer Jacobs

1/excellent, BOSjunior, BOS, JCAC


Bremen - 05.08.17 - Judge: Peter Van Baaren Grob

1/excellent, BOSjunior, BOS, JCAC


Aalst - 14.08.17 - Judge: Lillian de Ridder

1/excellent, BOSJunior, JCAC


Mechelen - 19.08.17 - Judge: Hans Boelaars

1/Excellent, BOSJunior, JCAC, BOS


Mechelen - 20.08.17 - Judge: Freddy Declercq

1/Excellent, BOSJunior, JCAC, BOS

Julie is now Belgian Junior Champion!!


Luxembourg - 02.09.17 - Judge: Nicolas Karagiannis



Namur - 09.09.17 - Judge: Korózs András

1/Excellent, BOS junior, Jcac, BOS

BIS2 brace with Victor!


Maastricht - 30.09.17 - Judge: Barbara Pallasky

1/Very good


Maastricht - 01.10.17 - Judge: Erwin Manders

1/Excellent, BOS Junior, Jcac, RCAC (Turned CAC)


Zwolle - 07.10.17 - Judge: P.Burema

1/Excellent, BOS Junior, jcac, RCAC(Turned CAC)


Zwolle - 08.10.17 - Judge: Pamela Runderkamp

1/excellent, BOB junior, jcac, BOB, CAC

Julie is now Dutch junior champion!!!

Julie and Victor won BIS4 in brace!