It is very important for us that our dogs are all living in a relaxed and loving envirioment, where there is room and time for the individual dog. This is one of the main reason why we have chosen a breed as the little lion dog!


All our dogs live inside our house, sleep in our bed, and have access to the full house.


The breed is a small, energetic and clever breed, orginated from medieval France/Germany. The breed goes under many names; Löwchen(German), Little Lion dog (English), Leeuwhondje (Dutch) or Petit chien lion(French).


Löwchen is a small companion dog, that does not shed, but do require coat care.

We recommend and use True Iconic for our dogs, the products can be purchased here:

They can be held in a puppy clip (pet clip). In this clip the coat can be trimmed in any desired lenght, they require a minimum of coat care depending on the length.


They can also be held in a lion clip, which is the required clip for show. This clip differs depending on which country the dog is being shown in.


Here in NL the requirement is that front legs are shaved, along with all 4 paws, and the back part of the dog, leaving only the socks and a plume at the end of the tail, to get the strongest lion look!