Kidéro's Call My Name

Julie's first show, 4 months old.



Belgian Junior Champion

Dutch Junior Champion

German Junior Champion

German Junior Winner 2017

Vice Junior World Winner 2017

Benelux Junior Winner BE2017

Belgian Junior Winner 2017


02 Nov. 2016

Black & tan

Height: N/A

Weight: N/A

PL: 0/0



Julie is our newest family member. She is a stubborn, funny and goofy little lion, with a very strong character! She is always up to no good, and if you are missing a shoe, it is because she stole it; Not to chew on, but to use as a pillow!

Julie has a very strong character, she is not affraid of anything, and is one of the smartest dogs you can imagine!


Show results:



Hazerwoude dorp - 19.03.17 - Judge: H. Boelaars

1/Very promising, BOB Minor puppy


Luxembourg - 09.04.17 - Judge D. Degryze



Goes - 15.04.17 - Judge: K. Voye

1/Very Promising, BOB Minor Puppy


Goes - 16.04.17 - Judge: B. Beare

1/Very Promising, BOB Minor Puppy


Antwerpen - 30.04.17 - Judge: Rita Reyniers



Dortmund - 19.05.17 - Judge: Maria Walter

1/Very Promising, BOB Puppy


Unna - 20.05.17 - Judge: Berthold Petersburs



Dortmund - 21.05.17 - Judge: Manja Bruse

1/Very Promising, BOB Puppy


Oss - 26.05.17 - Judge: Andrew Brace

1/Very Promising, BOB Puppy

Brace: BIS4


Venray - 04.06.17 - Judge: S. Walsh

1/Very Promising, BOB Puppy


Vejen - 10.06.17 - Judge: Birgit Seloy

1/Very Promising, BOB Puppy


Vejen Lowchen Special - 10.06.17 - Jesper Ravn

2/Very Promising


Vejen - 11.06.17 - Judge: Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari

1/Very Promising, BOB Puppy


Genk - 25.06.17 - Judge: Jos De Cuyper

1/Very Promising, BOB Puppy


Liege - 22.07.17 - Judge: Andreou Constantinos

1/Very Promising, BOB Puppy


Liege - 23.07.17 - Judge: Ivan Vasiljevic

1/Very Promising, BOB Puppy


Bremen - 05.08.17 - Judge Rainer Jacobs

1/excellent, BOSjunior, BOS, JCAC


Bremen - 05.08.17 - Judge: Peter Van Baaren Grob

1/excellent, BOSjunior, BOS, JCAC


Aalst - 14.08.17 - Judge: Lillian de Ridder

1/excellent, BOSJunior, JCAC


Mechelen - 19.08.17 - Judge: Hans Boelaars

1/Excellent, BOSJunior, JCAC, BOS


Mechelen - 20.08.17 - Judge: Freddy Declercq

1/Excellent, BOSJunior, JCAC, BOS

Julie is now Belgian Junior Champion!!


Luxembourg - 02.09.17 - Judge: Nicolas Karagiannis



Namur - 09.09.17 - Judge: Korózs András

1/Excellent, BOS junior, Jcac, BOS

BIS2 brace with Victor!


Maastricht - 30.09.17 - Judge: Barbara Pallasky

1/Very good


Maastricht - 01.10.17 - Judge: Erwin Manders

1/Excellent, BOS Junior, Jcac, RCAC (Turned CAC)


Zwolle - 07.10.17 - Judge: P.Burema

1/Excellent, BOS Junior, jcac, RCAC(Turned CAC)


Zwolle - 08.10.17 - Judge: Pamela Runderkamp

1/excellent, BOB junior, jcac, BOB, CAC

Julie is now Dutch junior champion!!!

Julie and Victor won BIS4 in brace!